I have been flaring, like whoa.  I hurt my shoulder pretty badly by lifting my arm from behind my head, which was super fun.  I spent a few days in a sling, and today is my first day out of it, trying to get some use of my right arm again.

Since I’ve been feeling like death warmed over, and I just bought new makeup, but have no actual desire to put it on, I’ve been digging Snap Chat (who is not sponsoring me, but if they want to, hit me up! Hah!) quite a bit, and would like a filter I can wear in public that is as easy to apply.  Y’all don’t even want to know what I look like without at the moment!

I have been getting up and dressed and out of bed almost every day, though.  I’ve been trying so hard not to let this disease get me down.  I’m currently on Actemera, which Katie tried for quite awhile with no real help.  I think it’s doing me some good…. I’ve been able to replace my walker with my cane or my chair for my walker on several occasions, which makes me super happy.  I just hate that there is no way to plan my life.  I start to feel better, and I make plans, I buy supplies for my plans, and then I can barely move for like a month.

My kids are amazing and all up in my business at all times.  Just thought I should throw that out there.  They’re too smart and ambitious for their own good.  Nora, my 6 year old, told me yesterday that she really wanted homework and pop quizzes, and was really mad that she has to wait for 5th grade.  I’m not really sure why she thinks she needs to wait for 5th grade, but time will tell!

Love and kisses and gentle hugs to all.  I’ll try to write more and try to make Katie write more… Though she makes awesome memes that are great to share over at our facebook page!

May the Snap gods be kind and continue their magnificent filters.