I’m not a cup.  I’m a sifter.


Sorry for not writing for awhile, y’all.  Katie and I have both been undergoing some big health and life changes.  That’s the fun of this disease, never knowing what fresh, new hell will be thrown your way.

I still can’t really bring myself to get into it all, even though this is supposed to be the place to share and empathize, but still being in the thick of things, it’s just too much for today.

I keep seeing these memes circulating about how you have to fill up your own cup so you can give to others. Well, I am not a cup.  I am a sifter.  I look like a cup from the side, but the bottom is mesh.  It all flows right through.  I can have a great day, full of rest, positivity, rainbows and unicorns.  I can feel so refreshed and amazing!  I can wake up the next morning and… Nothing.  There’s nothing there.  It all leaked right through the bottom and disappeared into the ether.  I mean that’s not always the case, but most of the time, if I spent enough time to “fill up my own cup,” there would be no time left for anything else, and I still wouldn’t make it!  It just gets so frustrating.

Case in point, I am currently camping with my family, after hosting a bridal shower for my sister.  While my husband and my daughters have been roaming all over, having an amazing time, I went to sleep at 6 last night, woke up for a few about 10 and had a sandwich, took pills, and went back to sleep until 7.  Where am I now?  In bed.

That’s all I’ve got, guys.  I’ll keep trying, and I’m always here to listen.  Keep fighting the good fight.