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Stephanie was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Irritable Bowel at 21 after 2 years of unexplained joint pain and swelling, along with other symptoms. Her hobbies include jewelry making, reading, and acting on stage. She is adjusting to life as a stay-at-home mom, after leaving her job at an abstract company in March of 2015. She has two daughters, Nora, who is four years old, and Emeline, who is 2 years old. She lives in Oklahoma with those two monsters and her husband, Ben.



I have been flaring, like whoa.  I hurt my shoulder pretty badly by lifting my arm from behind my head, which was super fun.  I spent a few days in a sling, and today is my first day out of it, trying to get some use of my right arm again.

Since I’ve been feeling like […]

After a Break…

Though Katie has been awesome at keeping up with our Facebook presence with information and awesome graphics, our blog has been a little neglected.

Okay, maybe a lot neglected.

Katie and I both have been through the health wringer, and it’s been kind of hard to write it out. My problems started in the beginning of March, […]

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I’m not a cup.  I’m a sifter.

Sorry for not writing for awhile, y’all.  Katie and I have both been undergoing some big health and life changes.  That’s the fun of this disease, never knowing what fresh, new hell will be thrown your way.

I still can’t really bring myself to get into it all, even though […]

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Not Much to Give

I’ve been having a day… No, a week or so, thus far, that I would like to just wipe out of my memory.  ER visits, Rheumatologist visits, Primary Care Doc visits, attorney visits… New meds, tests, injections, blah blah blah blah.  Someday I will explain it all, but today, I would just like to share […]


Pain + Insomnia = Awful
I am beginning this post 15 minutes into Rheumatoid Arthritis Day.  I am not yet wearing my indigo, but I have spent a good amount of time between when my children went to sleep (Em held out til nearly 9), when my husband went to sleep (nearly 10), and now into […]

The Young Mother’s Guide to Walkers

Or, You Know, for Anyone Who Has No Idea What He or She Is Doing.
So, I’ve had RA for awhile.  It was kind of dormant when I was pregnant and when my babies were little, but since my two and a half year old was about six months old, my health has been pretty steadily in […]

A Morning in the Life of a Chronically Ill Mom

Because, you know, morning’s almost over, and that somehow inspired me…
Parenting is hard all the time in all situations.  Wanted to get that out of the way, first off.  My kids are little angels sent straight from heaven, but they are also horrible monsters who daily chip away at my tiny bit of sanity on […]

Positively Rheumatoid 2015 Recap

What’s your favorite song of 2015?
S:  I’m gonna be totally cliche and say Hello by Adele, even though it’s pretty stalker-y.  Can’t help but love her in all her buxom beauty, and the fact that she is so incredibly self-confident.  I want to be her when I grow up.

K: I can’t decide. So here’s three […]

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Ups and Downs in Advent

I don’t go all preachy, but I am going to talk about stuff that happened in church.
So, yesterday morning was our church Christmas Pageant.  It was adorable, and there was a lot of talk about how our children are our present and should be allowed to move like children and be children.  My girls were […]

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The One that Is a Bummer

Hey, y’all!

I try to keep things pretty upbeat, but life with chronic illness is, understandably, not always upbeat.  Katie and I started this blog for a couple reasons:  To be a resource for other chronic illness sufferers, especially those beginning their journey and dealing with the parenting world as well, and to help shed some […]

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